Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Cross-Stitch

As I've been organizing my sewing room, I'm finding all sorts of good holiday stuff!  You know, like the gingerbread countdown to Christmas, unfinished pillows and wall hangings (see previous posts).  🙄

I'm also finding completed Christmas cross-stitch projects that I've never framed!  
I started cross-stitching in my twenties.  I was so amazed at my mother-in-law's counted cross-stitch projects and I wanted to learn!  She patiently taught me more than once and I was hooked when I finally got it.  I cross-stitched for many years and still have all of my DMC floss, needles, hoops, etc.  I'm sure I'll pick it up again, someday when I'm not sewing and quilting every day 🙄

Here's another one I found! I even have a frame for this one already that's the same color as that deep red ribbon. 
I admit that I have a lot of WIPs, but just look at all the stuff that I've finished!  Ha ha ha!  And I KNOW for a fact that most of my crafty friends have just as much unfinished stuff as I do!  You know who you are 😁😁

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Stockings

I posted on Facebook and Instagram the other day about my plan to make new Christmas stockings this year.  We've had the same stockings for over 20 years.  We're ready for a change.  We decided that we would try to keep the color scheme fairly simple, maybe just red and white.  

While I'm not set on having just Christmas-themed fabrics, that's where I started when I got to my sewing room.  
 Then I came across my scraps and some yardage of the Cotton & Steel Tinsel fabric that I used in my Christmas quilt last year.  
This is some of the best fabric!  I used the Bundle Buster Quilt pattern by Yvonne Fuchs (Quilting Jet Girl) to make this fun quilt.  If you have a FQ bundle just hanging around, use this pattern to turn it into a quilt in a day....seriously.  OK, mine took a little longer than a day because I cut the fat quarters the wrong way and had to order more fabric.  Oops! And that's how I ended up with extra fabric 😀

Sooooo....this is what I have left over from that quilt, and I think it's plenty to make three stockings!  
I'm using the FREE stocking template from Sunny Day Supply.  I'm using the wide template because I want BIG stockings! These should go together pretty fast since I'm not going to do a ton of piecing or quilting on them.  Keepin' it simple....mostly because Christmas is in 16 days😏