Sunday Morning Quilts!

Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg of crazy mom quilts and Cheryl Arkison of Dining Room Empire arrived in the mail today! So excited! It was a bit thrashed by our lovely postal service, but it's readable. Just a bit bent (even though the package said "Handle With Care"). I think I know what I'll be doing tonight. As much as I want to get in my studio and sew, I think I'll just sit here with Giacomo and a cup of coffee, and read this book. 


  1. Looks like a great book.....perfect for coffee.....but I'm like you, everything is perfect for coffee!

  2. Hi Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to visit "The Works..." and leave a comment~ especially since you were the only one who weighed in! I'm glad you said 'Dear Jane' because I was leaning that way anyway. If you would please send your mailing addy to so I can send out your Kickin Stash pattern. It's a great block that works up quickly--I hope you enjoy it! Thanks again for playing!

  3. So, you've got an awesome new book and a stack of new fabrics? Hmmm, wonder what will happen next? Happy sewing:)


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