Feeling Liberated

When I went to the mailbox Saturday morning, I was surprised to see that my package from mama love quilts had arrived! I wonder if my neighbors saw the big smile on my face when I discovered the package :)  The charm pack that I won in her Leap Day Giveaway was even more beautiful and vibrant than I thought it would be. Bright greens, oranges, blues...Oh how I love fabric! Anyway....I decided to head over to the locally owned bookstore The Book Bin and found the only copy they had of Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston. I was so impressed by the quilt that Nicole (at mama love quilts) made from this book, and I'm so excited to attempt one myself! Thanks again, Nicole!  


  1. You are welcome! And congratulations!
    Have you tried anything liberated yet?


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